Sunday, 19 April 2009

Smoky Quartz

This lovely piece of smokey quartz was feeling a bit jaded, so I put it out under the last full moon to cleanse & re-charge. I gave it a dust off, ran it under water & left it outside for a couple of days to feel the energy of the sun, moon, earth & air... it was 'buzzing' with energy afterwards.
Crystals grow within the womb of Earth, protected from the outside environment, into their pure crystalline vibration. Once outside they can pick up & absorb energy from the people & places they come in contact with... their energy can seem to become dimmed, hence the need for cleansing- especially if they are used for crystal healing. I tend to go by instinct whether to smudge in smoke, bury in earth, run under water or leave open to the elements... or use reiki or a combination of methods. To begin with I would dowse with a pendulum & 'ask' my crystals what they needed. Sometimes I still do.
This piece is special treasure, about 8 inches across & has bits of pyrite scattered through it.

Iron pyrite is excellent for blocking negative energies, whilst boosting your own energy store. It is good for creative & mental processes, boosts confidence & eases melancholy & despair.

Smoky quartz is extremely grounding & protective- it will help disperse negativity & bring calm & positivity.

Monday, 13 April 2009


I have no idea how this blog will pan-out... I do know it is something I 'have' to do. Over time I have written down so much, formulated so many ideas- & changed them (maybe 'refined' is a better description), helped & been helped by so many people... Hopefully some of my thoughts will be of help to you. Whether you agree with or accept anything I say is irrelevant- if you take the time to read this, then my ideas become catalysts for your own even if you reject mine. In fact I would say do not simply accept anything you read... mull it over, feel the sense of the words and the energy behind them... use your intuition. Only accept what you feel, know, is right for you at this time.

There are many things that I have heard or been told that I could not accept at the time... but as time goes on some of these ideas float back. Sometimes I still reject them, or maybe they help understand a point of view I come across... sometimes it sparks a train of thought that helps me reach some understanding of either the original idea or of something completely different! We are continually learning as we move through this life- some things don't make sense until we gain more knowledge or experience... but we never stand still.

There will be no particular order or format to this blog as there is no specific start or end point. Everyone is at different levels, not higher or lower, just different. There is no right or wrong way, just different ways that individual people find better for them.

I can tell my way, that is all- I am not telling anyone what they should do. It is my intention to help, to encourage, to inspire, to provoke thought... and satisfy my need to write & share! I hope you pop back from time to time and contribute with your thoughts & comments.

love & blessings
suzi x