Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame of transmutation.... transmutes negativity into positive.... connected with the Ascended Master St Germaine.

If you think about it energy can not be destroyed, but often we try to get rid of pain, illness, negativity, banish spirits etc etc. If we just get rid of it, take it away or deflect it, where does it go? What happens to it? It just carries on bouncing around the universe, moving on to someone else or waiting to come back for another attack. Plus there's the chance it merges with other similar energies, joins forces & becomes stronger.

Some people ask angels, guides, spirit, god to take it away... but they still have the task of dealing with it & they're pretty busy already! The idea of using the violet flame is to visualise negative energy, hurts, anger, etc being consumed by the flame & being converted into positive loving energy. At the end of the day it is good practice to review the days events & recall any negative thoughts or actions & imagine placing them within the flame to burn & be converted into loving, positive energy…. handy for bad habits & behaviour patterns too.

You could use any colour or fire in general, but the colour violet is associated with transformation, transmutation & higher energies.

I use this technique regularly- dealing with a particularly nasty toothache it dawned on me about not being able to destroy energy, the pain was energy & it needed converting etc. Dissolving it away wasn't strong enough & i found myself imagining it burning away & changing to loving energy rising from the flames on the smoke into the ethers. It was after that i kept 'hearing the term 'violet flame' in my mind & searched for more information.

I had a tooth abscess & was 200 miles from my dentist. I started working on it thinking bout removing the pain & the infection. Usually I can do this easily, but it beat my usual 'willing it away'/ignoring & decided to use Reiki rather than just myself-
Anyway, could get the pain to go, but came straight back. Clicked that pain, like anything else is a form of energy, so can't be destroyed & must be converted to something else. So worked on transforming to loving healing energy- that worked for longer periods, but still returned. Knew it may take a while to calm the infection but it was 2nd bout in a year & the last tooth got pulled. I realised there was more to it- i felt even if the dentist sorted this, it wasn't dealing with the cause, just the symptom.

I looked around in books/internet for clues on the energetic causes of tooth ache, but found nothing that felt applied. Another round of healing- this time with the intention of going to where it started- the root cause, that was it. I saw myself diving into the pain itself, swimming, swirling with it to go back to where it sprang from... I saw myself in a past life with my partner & father. It was quite an ugly scene, which i was able to follow & progress to see what happened. It explained a hell of a lot to do with the relationships we have had, & some "irrational" actions & thought patterns that cropped up frequently between the 3 of us that wern't there before Steve & I were together. It was quite a heavy session & I spent more time then & later pouring healing energy into that situation.

It is not something I have discussed with either of them for a variety of reasons, but certain things have eased... & so did the abscess.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Old Ways

Dance the old ways
Trust the knowing
Mend and heal
Energy flowing

These words are posted by Cari Ferraro; they are a 'spell' she wrote & I recommend going over to see her thoughts & pictures. Also, Cari’s website has images of her books on the theme of “spelling words” and further explanation on how she came to write them is here. She writes about going back to the origins of the words & what a spell originally was... a story.

I love these words- they really resonate with me & inspired this piece of calligraphy. More pics & details of the process are over at Spirit Whispers

These 12 words ooze healing energy and apply so much to any healing modality or situation. Just take a few moments to run them through your mind… breathe deeply and repeat them slowly… you can use them to encourage yourself to heal, bringing in the healing energies to flow through your body…. Or think of someone else, concentrate on them, speak to them either mentally or face to face, encouraging them to open up to the healing energies… or perhaps send the words out to humanity over the world… Cari wrote them, but these words have a sense of being from Source Her/His/Itself… or from The Earth, Gaia imploring us to dance & trust & heal…

Dance the old ways…
It is often said that Dr Usui ‘discovered’ reiki; we hear of ‘new’ healing systems, ‘unique’ ways; phrases such as ‘new energies for our times’ etc etc. They may be new to us, but surely these vibrations are older than time itself, strands of energy that sprang from creation or even before. The Ancients knew about them… every culture has stories of healing miracles, every culture had Gods or Goddesses of Healing, so it’s more a case of us ‘re-discovering’ or gradually becoming more aware & open to them. Even with our modern science & medicine there is so much more that we barely know of, & we have barely scratched the surface of the things we are aware of such as herbal & plant medicine, energy systems & energy healing. But slowly, slowly more people are learning to re-connect and dance the old ways.

Trust the knowing…
We all have a little voice inside that guides us if we let it speak… an inner wisdom & instinct that we often suppress in favour of logic or ‘common sense’. It often speaks through our solar plexus…. It’s not called ‘gut-instinct’ for nothing! It’s where we get butterflies when we are excited or that churning feeling when we are nervous or afraid, in between these extremes it is there if not so obvious. Try looking out for it when you make a decision, whether you turn left or right, whether you need a coat on or a cardigan, or do you need a bit more seasoning in a stew…. Notice the feeling & whether your decision turned out right or wrong… get used to the language of that inner voice, give it permission to speak & learn to listen. Once you learn to hear it, it will lead you to that inner knowing & wisdom that we all possess, that can help with our own healing & helping others to heal.

Mend & heal, Energy flowing…
That’s all you need to think as you open up to the healing energies… whether you are bringing them into yourself or directing them to others repeat these words… mend & heal, trust the energy to do what is needed, just let the energy flow. If it helps, visualize it as light, or a wave, or glow, coming into & around your body. In Reiki, we connect to Universal Energy… the healing energy of the Universe that is there, available to all. You may choose to call on God or Goddess, others may prefer to draw on your connection to Angels or ascended Masters, Spirit Guides or Power Animals… whatever is right for your belief or faith. No matter what we call it, or where we believe it comes from that healing energy is there, just waiting for us to connect & allow our body, mind,& spirit to mend & heal.

This is something Cari has to say…
“I had a strong feeling about these words, that many many people need to trust the old ways, dance the knowing, mend and heal their lives and the planet, and do it with energy flowing. See, they can go together different ways! So the words have their own lives and are out in the world to do what good they can.”

What more can I add, except take these words, use them & pass them on!
Dance the old ways
Trust the knowing
Mend and heal
Energy flowing

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Reiki Precepts- The Gokai

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use Reiki. In fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you believe in it or not. While Reiki is not a religion, it is still important to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others & Dr Usui (who founded Reiki) recommended that one practice certain simple ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures.

The ‘Gokai’ are a set of five principles that Sensei Usui considered to be at the heart of Reiki. I have seen/heard several variations, but it is the sense of the words that is important rather than the exact translation.
Here is a translation that is pretty close to the original…

The Gokai

"The secret method of inviting blessings,
the spiritual medicine of many illnesses
(Shôfuku no hihô, Manbyo no rei yaku)

Just for today
(Kyo dake wa):
Don't get angry (Okoru na)
Don't worry (Shinpai su na)
Be grateful (Kansha shite)
Work hard (Gyo wo hage me)
Be kind to others (Hito ni shinsetsu ni)

Mornings and evenings sit in the gassho [prayer] position
and repeat these words out loud and in your heart

(Asa you gassho shite kokoro ni neji kuchi ni tonaeyo)
For the improvement of mind and body
(Shin shin kaizen)

Usui Spiritual Healing Method (Usui Reiki Ryoho)
The founder, Mikao Usui (Chossô, Usui Mikao)"

This is a page from a journal I made for a young girl after her first attunement. You can see more pages over at Spirit Whispers in the post entitled "A Reiki Journal"

These words are from earlier texts of the Meiji Emperor, and are not exclusive to Reiki- to me, they are principles for everyone to live by. Even if you don’t repeat them morning & evening, I think it is important to run the words through your mind often… preferably everyday.

The act of sitting silently in prayer or meditation daily, even for a short while can be so beneficial... calming, healing, inspiring, uplifting... I like to use the Gokai as a meditation. Make yourself comfortable and take long, slow, deep breaths.... as you breathe in say/think "Just for today..." as you breathe out say "I will not be angry..." continue through, breathe in...Just for today... breathe out... I will not worry... go through the whole thing.

Repeat a few times until really relaxed, then visualise energising white light pouring down & filling your body.... every, bone, muscle, vein... everywhere through you... feel it filling you with healing energy. Imagine it spreading out from your body into your aura.... into the room... if you want keep it going through the house, down the road... to the village, town, whole country... the world if you like.... spreading pure white healing light for the benefit of everyone it touches.

When you are ready, pull the light that is in your aura back into your body, take deep breaths until you feel 'back to normal' & give thanks.... that energy will stay with you.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Where did I Start?

I truly believe that everyone has the ability to heal… I think it’s something that we have ‘forgotten’. It’s there within our psyche, but for many it is laying there, dormant, unrecognised- just waiting for the conditions to be right in order to flourish.

Luckily, throughout time, there have always been people with that gift… a natural ability to help people heal. Depending on the society in which they have lived that gift may have been encouraged or quashed, respected or feared, used or abused… but it has always been there, a spark of light, an inspiration that has eventually given rise to a world-wide increase in people actively seeking a healing path.

For me, that path gradually opened up… there was no particular event or book that set me on my way. I can’t say that I’ve always been interested or had ability, but equally I can’t say that I had no interest or inkling. Looking back, I can remember situations or conversations that show maybe I did ‘know’, but not consciously & I certainly did not pursue it. Having said that I have always been able to “will-away” pain, and I know many people can, even though they would not consider ‘healing’ in any form or fashion.

Sometimes when someone was ill or in pain, I’d automatically put my hands or rub where it hurt, & often they felt better…. But this was an unconscious action- when I consciously thought about it or offered to see if I could help, nothing happened! It was that instinctive action, like a mother soothing a baby or rubbing better some knock or scrape to her child.

I met a Reiki Master in the course of my business & ‘knew’ it was something I was going to do. It didn’t happen straight away & with a different Master, but as often seems to happen with me, the opportunity presented itself & I took it.

Receiving that first attunement to Reiki was like receiving permission to heal. As much as learning about a technique, it gave me that key to access a latent ability. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I think everyone has that ability; it is just a matter of finding the right key. For me it was Reiki, for others it may be as simple as giving themselves permission.

It is all about intention, & I think this applies to many of us in many areas of our lives… Setting an intention, being clear about what we want to achieve, and then giving ourselves permission to realise it are important aspects, whether it is something physical, mental or emotional.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Energetic Connections & Cord Cutting

We have an energetic connection with everyone we meet, talk to, think about etc, & equally we have energetic connections with people who think about us- even though we may be unaware of them.

We send healing thoughts & know that the energy sent is positive & helpful. Likewise, if someone is angry or worried about you that energy is floating around you, even though the person emitting that energy may be totally oblivious to the fact. Not every negative thought is going to affect us as we have our own natural systems to cope, such as optimism, joy, hope, love etc etc. Sometimes though, we can feel weary, drained, worried etc… emotions or even pain, that is not ours.

Bear this in mind when you are concerned about someone or some situation, or just watching the news…. I consciously try not to worry or be angry about things I can do nothing about & so add my ‘worry/angry energy’… instead I wish positive thoughts; strength, calm, vision, love, compassion etc that can benefit the person or situation. Sometimes easier said than done, but persevere & it becomes a habit!

You might like to try something i do now & again... cord cutting. This is about reclaiming your own energy or power & removing anything that is a threat to, or draining your energy. Sometimes i think it is useful to visualise all those energy ‘hooks’ that can drain you being washed away- I tend to use the image of a waterfall washing away the threads that bind me to other people (A sort of ‘energy shower’), then imagine warm golden sunlight energising me.

Create your own Sacred Space, however you feel comfortable. For some it is as simple as closing your eyes & visualize stepping into that waterfall… or creating a journey, for example walking through a forest & becoming aware of those things that tug at your energy reserves, before finding the waterfall… Others prefer the ritual of candles & incense, sitting infront of a personal altar or in a 'special' place… You may try several variations to find what is comfortable & effective for you.

It is a good practice to do a 'cord-cutting' at the end of a relationship for example, or after spending time with people who sap your energy (or if you think someone is sending malicious thoughts). Ask for all cords or attachments that do not benefit you to be cut, some people see the knots being untied, and ask for the negative energy to be returned to the source with love.

I like the image of water to cleanse & gently wash away those connections & entangled cords of attachment, but you could you could use the image of fire to sever the connections. Some people ask Archangel Michael to cut all cords with his sword of truth, others call on their idea of Deity…use whatever words & imagery that suit you. You can name specific people or situations that you want to disconnect from, & if you cut all cords you can ask for only those that are beneficial to be re-tied.

If you want, you can imagine fine threads leading out from your feelings & trace them back to who or where they come from….slowly, slowly follow the thread, let your intuition guide you, just watch the thread & travel back along it… eventually a name or place or image will pop into your mind. It is important not to have any pre-conceptions when you try this & the result can be surprising- but don’t judge, just cut or dissolve the thread with love…