Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Old Ways

Dance the old ways
Trust the knowing
Mend and heal
Energy flowing

These words are posted by Cari Ferraro; they are a 'spell' she wrote & I recommend going over to see her thoughts & pictures. Also, Cari’s website has images of her books on the theme of “spelling words” and further explanation on how she came to write them is here. She writes about going back to the origins of the words & what a spell originally was... a story.

I love these words- they really resonate with me & inspired this piece of calligraphy. More pics & details of the process are over at Spirit Whispers

These 12 words ooze healing energy and apply so much to any healing modality or situation. Just take a few moments to run them through your mind… breathe deeply and repeat them slowly… you can use them to encourage yourself to heal, bringing in the healing energies to flow through your body…. Or think of someone else, concentrate on them, speak to them either mentally or face to face, encouraging them to open up to the healing energies… or perhaps send the words out to humanity over the world… Cari wrote them, but these words have a sense of being from Source Her/His/Itself… or from The Earth, Gaia imploring us to dance & trust & heal…

Dance the old ways…
It is often said that Dr Usui ‘discovered’ reiki; we hear of ‘new’ healing systems, ‘unique’ ways; phrases such as ‘new energies for our times’ etc etc. They may be new to us, but surely these vibrations are older than time itself, strands of energy that sprang from creation or even before. The Ancients knew about them… every culture has stories of healing miracles, every culture had Gods or Goddesses of Healing, so it’s more a case of us ‘re-discovering’ or gradually becoming more aware & open to them. Even with our modern science & medicine there is so much more that we barely know of, & we have barely scratched the surface of the things we are aware of such as herbal & plant medicine, energy systems & energy healing. But slowly, slowly more people are learning to re-connect and dance the old ways.

Trust the knowing…
We all have a little voice inside that guides us if we let it speak… an inner wisdom & instinct that we often suppress in favour of logic or ‘common sense’. It often speaks through our solar plexus…. It’s not called ‘gut-instinct’ for nothing! It’s where we get butterflies when we are excited or that churning feeling when we are nervous or afraid, in between these extremes it is there if not so obvious. Try looking out for it when you make a decision, whether you turn left or right, whether you need a coat on or a cardigan, or do you need a bit more seasoning in a stew…. Notice the feeling & whether your decision turned out right or wrong… get used to the language of that inner voice, give it permission to speak & learn to listen. Once you learn to hear it, it will lead you to that inner knowing & wisdom that we all possess, that can help with our own healing & helping others to heal.

Mend & heal, Energy flowing…
That’s all you need to think as you open up to the healing energies… whether you are bringing them into yourself or directing them to others repeat these words… mend & heal, trust the energy to do what is needed, just let the energy flow. If it helps, visualize it as light, or a wave, or glow, coming into & around your body. In Reiki, we connect to Universal Energy… the healing energy of the Universe that is there, available to all. You may choose to call on God or Goddess, others may prefer to draw on your connection to Angels or ascended Masters, Spirit Guides or Power Animals… whatever is right for your belief or faith. No matter what we call it, or where we believe it comes from that healing energy is there, just waiting for us to connect & allow our body, mind,& spirit to mend & heal.

This is something Cari has to say…
“I had a strong feeling about these words, that many many people need to trust the old ways, dance the knowing, mend and heal their lives and the planet, and do it with energy flowing. See, they can go together different ways! So the words have their own lives and are out in the world to do what good they can.”

What more can I add, except take these words, use them & pass them on!
Dance the old ways
Trust the knowing
Mend and heal
Energy flowing

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mel said...

Yes, these words are powerful simple, yet so full.

If everyone were to utter those words every day when they awake..imagine the opportunity for growth and healing!

And yes, to trust in the basic, yet it eludes us for all the wrong reasons...but so worth reclaiming.

Thank you for these thoughts....