Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Place of Healing...

... is in your heart. That, i think, is the single most important thing in any healing tradition. It is with the heart that we feel compassion, empathy, gratitude.… and it is the heart that feels unconditional love.

As soon as we offer healing, we offer love…. soothing hurt & pain, building strength & courage… unconditionally. We are the catalyst, a connection, a channel for others… helping them to re-connect their selves, providing a gateway… Ultimately it is for them to access, accept & utilise the energy that we connect with.

Healing must be unconditional, for how can we say what is best for another. Whatever we see or feel or think, we cannot walk their path for them, we cannot control their destiny or manipulate their free-will. But we can be that connection that brings them to a place of healing… in their heart... a place of self-love… unconditionally… a place where they have the strength to choose…. whether to fight or surrender…. to swim or ride the waves...

As soon as we step on to the healing path, we begin our own journey of healing. Whenever we access the healing energies to give to another, they come through us… they help us to heal too, however ‘sorted’ we may think we are!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Reiki & Sleep

I find that usually people sleep very deeply after a reiki treatment... especially after a longer session. It's so relaxing & the benefits of a session continue long afterwards & that deep sleep facilitates healing.... Scattered thoughts & fragile emotions are soothed allowing the body to settle down & recuperate during sleep.

However, a friend mentioned that since beginning Reiki she has had trouble sleeping properly unless she is on her own.... and that she has come across others with the same problem... that they seem too aware of a partner in their bed, that their sleep is disturbed. (ok, this in itself is not unusual, but we're talking about a striking difference after a reiki attunement).

I cast my mind back to my first attunement... I don't know if mine was... i was already having disturbed nights.... mum's funeral was the day before my attunement & our family was already fractured before that & i'd spent wakeful nights anyway. So even if the reiki affected me in this way, I don't think i'd have noticed or made the connection. I think, actually, the reiki helped, but i used it regularly at night.

My first thought on reading about this was to wonder whether it depends on the person you're sleeping next to. Not whether it is a casual or permanent ralationship, but on an energy level. The thing is, your energy level, or rather the quality changes after the reiki attunement, your vibrational rate rises. You can actually measure it by dowsing or muscle testing... try it.

Ask what your vibratory rate is on a scale of 1-100 (eg Is it more than 40? 60? etc til you find it) Test again after an attunement... or a treatment, or meditation.... I promise you'll find it interesting. If you check from time to time you might notice how it alters, including when you are feeling low, or amongst people who drain you... then it picks up if you self treat or meditate.

Once you start reiki you find that different people seem to be drawn to you, or you to them... and others seem to drift away. Like attracts like, you're vibrating at a higher energetic level & lower vibrating energy can be uncomfortable. It's not just reiki that raises a persons vibratory rate... attitude, spiritual practice etc do, but a reiki attunement is an instant thing, a sudden change rather than a gradual increase that grows with awareness.

Your sensitivity to energy increases too, both consciously & subconsciously, so really it's hardly surprising that some of us become hyper- aware of the person sleeping next to us. Probably more so if the vibrational levels are further apart.... which can be a problem, especially within an established relationship. You may be able to 'tune out the interference' or find ways to handle this if the relationship is strong, re- synchronising your energies....there are ways..... or perhaps it may eventually lead to a parting of the ways if you are on a different path or wavelength. Each person must work out the way for them.

Casual & new relationships have different needs, and often they are not the same for each person.... physical attraction may be compatible, but mental? emotional? spiritual? (true for any relationship, actually) These aren't areas of our Selves we usually reveal straight away & aren't necessarily immediately apparent in someone else. It may be disconcerting to find that the chemistry formula that previously worked seems to have changed! But once physical needs are met (hopefully!) a person with heightened energy sensitivity is likely to be only too aware of the dis-parity in the quiet of the night. Also, if there is an unequal flow of give & take, the sleeping partner may still be drawing energy from you... consciously dis-connect from them & think about protecting your energy.

An idea that may help sleep in the company of another is to ask for reiki for yourself (and your partner if they are agreeable to the idea) as you go to sleep. Just curl up & hold your hands where they are comfortable, eg shoulder & side, chest & head, one on you & one on the other person... wherever is comfortable.... Ask for reiki to flow. This is a lovely way to fall asleep. You can ask that it stops, say, half an hour after you fall asleep. I don't know that this is necessary.... sometimes i do & sometimes i don't, & havn't noticed a difference, but i know some people need to consciously 'switch off'. If you are not attuned to reiki just ask the Universal energy, or Deity (whatever you are comfortable with) to flow to you, to heal & help your sleep.