Wednesday, 12 January 2011

And so...

... it is a long time since I have posted here, yet people still stop by and are interested enough to 'follow'... so hello & welcome to those who have recently been drawn to this space, and hello again to everyone else!

When I first started writing here, I thought it would be an extension of my teaching... I move around a fair bit and was spending a lot of time emailing people I had attuned to Reiki, or who were interested in learning. This seemed an ideal way of covering things that arose. But... life took a different direction (as it has a habit of doing!) and for various reasons it was not the time for me to be passing reiki attunements... which sort of swept away the motivation for writing here (despite having many thoughts!)

Intention... intention is the key to anything in life. Clear focussed intention makes the hardest of tasks more achievable... it is necessary in healing... And it was lack of clear intention that has stymied my writing here. I was already writing at Spirit Whispers and for a while toyed with the idea of merging everything over there. Everything here would fit in over there quite easily... but for some reason I resisted...

I'm a person who can have a dozen notebooks on the go at any one time... each with a vaguely specific purpose. Vaguely specific... a contradiction in terms that makes perfect sense to me. Things overlap, fit in more than one place... or written in another way, in another notebook lead to different thoughts. Or I can't lay my hands on the one I want, so any will do... i use what is available at the time, sometimes only a certain book will do. Some lie for ages without anything being written, only to re-surface & be used regularly for ages. I guess I'm the same with blogs!

Anyway... those healing whispers have been calling me, and as I've been writing ideas are flowing & my intention is clear to me again. And so... I shall go with the flow... I'm looking forward to being in this space again!