Quotations on Canvas

I create canvasses with quotations written in calligraphy which are ideal for a therapy room or sacred space, or indeed, for any room in your home. They can be any colours, so if you have a favourite saying, poem or song, you are welcome to contact me to discuss your ideas.

email: suziscribbles@yahoo.co.uk
website: www.suziscribbles.com
shop: www.suziscribbles.etsy.com

These canvasses are about feelings & emotions which I aim to convey in the painted backgrounds.... sometimes soft & dreamy, sometimes energetic & motivational... but always full of feeling.  

The words I use are intended to be inspirational & uplifting... sometimes my own words, but often quotations drawn from the huge pool of wisdom that is out there in our world.

I can add Reiki symbols, which can be hidden under layers of paint, 
or fully visible if you wish

No two canvasses are the same... even if I work with the same quotations. People have their own favourites & it's always rewarding to create a piece that means something to someone.

Words aren't always necessary, sometimes they are superfluous & the expression of the energy or elements says it all...

If you are drawn to my work & wish to discuss or buy, please email me at