Thursday, 18 March 2010

Water Healing Ceremony...

 Dr Masuro Emoto has experimented widely on the effect of projected thoughts on water crystals. The effects are stunning and can be seen his website here or just search you tube for amazing videos....

"To Those Whose Body Is Mainly Composed Of WATER:

I am Masaru Emoto, a missionary of water and an author of "Message from Water" and "The Hidden Messages in Water".
Recently, many forums and conferences have been organized with water as its main theme. Yet, most of them are focusing only the physical aspect of water.
However, in addition to the physical body, we have the mind (and spirit).
We have learned from water itself, through "Message from Water", that water is not only essential to our body but also it has an intimate relationship to our mind.
In other words, water is the mirror to reflect our mind.
As a matter of fact, we believe that the abnormal weather conditions such as floods and droughts and natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes are caused by the pollution of water on Earth, which in turn is ultimately brought by the distortion and disharmony in our mind, thoughts and emotions.
Other serious problems in politics, economy, education, medicine and so on are also concerned with the mind of our collective consciousness, and therefore it can be said that water is ultimately involved in all of those problems.

Don't you think that we can take a step toward the solution of these water-related problems by considering the aspect of water which is connected with our mind, thoughts and emotions?
For this purpose, we have decided to hold "Water & Peace" Global Forum 2010 at Lake Biwa, Mother Lake in Japan, on March 20 to 22 (March 22 is the World Water Day declared by the United Nations)."

Our main water ceremony will be at 18:25 to 19:10
on March 22 (World Water Day) in Japan Standard Time.
You can use the following site to convert it to your local time.

Perhaps you would like to add your healing thoughts to the ceremony (10.25am uk time). If the time is inconvenient, you can always do your bit earlier, setting your intention that they arrive at the required time, or that they join with the people taking part at Lake Biwa. If you havn't tried projecting healing over time or distance why not give it a go? It's all about intention & 'knowing' that the energy will go where you ask, when you ask. Just relax & try it... feel it working... feel it flowing... just know....

You may choose to visualise a spiral, spinning out healing energy to where it is needed.... or pure bright light... maybe a rainbow of loving, healing energy arcing over the water.... or visualise water crystals being charged with peace & love... or sit beside water, or hold some in a vessel in your hands, concentrating on the flow of healing to all the waters of the world.... and those with knowledge of the Reiki symbols can use them... why not comment & add your ideas?

Monday, 15 March 2010

For An Unborn Child...

Earlier today I joined with a friend to send healing for her unborn first grandchild (and it’s parents). The baby still has 6 weeks to go until full term, but mum has high blood pressure & baby’s heartbeat keeps dropping dangerously low. Early induced birth is a possibility, and fears of loss hover amongst the family.
We light candles and sit, hands joined, invoking the healing energies, calling on Goddess and Guides for help... we both have our different ways, but a united intent for the highest good of all. Whatever our personal wishes, it is not our choice whether this baby be born into this world or not... we are not privy to decisions made on other levels. 
So we open the channels to healing and we pour love, cocooning this worried couple and their baby with loving, healing energy... asking that they draw it to them, to feel it, to accept it.... my friend asked what colour light she should send... I said whatever feels right... she was sensing sparkly pink light whereas normally she would visualise blue or violet, maybe gold....I don’t think there is a ‘right’ colour, whatever feels right is right at that time... go with the flow... let healing energy flow....
I felt the flow, I felt it around them, then filling the womb... as if they were in the womb too... I felt Divine Love encircling us all... I felt a heartbeat... the heartbeat of the world.... connecting to that unborn child... that precious soul hesitating, wondering which way to choose.... heartbeat of the world... heartbeat of the child...feel the rhythm, remember, what you came to do.... 
Words always come to me, I feel them... others may see things, taste, hear or smell, there is no one ‘right’ way... trust in the flow of healing, be guided by the energy....  
We both felt the heartbeat, we both felt the baby connect with it & steady itself, we both felt that this child will be born, but we both know that this decision is not ours. We continue to offer healing, to surround them all with love, that they may draw on it as they will. Be courageous, precious little soul.

[update: baby girl born naturally the next day- tues 17 march 9.10pm... she wanted to be a pisces! She's small, but doing ok]