Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spreading Love As You Travel

spreading love down the road as i travel
trailing love 'cross the road as i go
healing love touch each one on this road
healing sparks touch your hearts as you go...

These are the sort of words I sing as i drive along anywhere... sometimes to my own little tunes & sometimes picking up the refrain of popular songs, sometimes more of a chant. I think it started out as a simple request for protection that extended out to other road users...
please keep us safe on this road as we travel
keep every one on this road safe from harm
please guide us safely to the place that we go...

Little mantras I repeat, especially when I'm unsure of where we're going or in heavy traffic to calm my nerves & keep me calm. They're not a distraction to driving, quite the contrary... i find myself hyper-aware of other vehicles, anticipating their movements whilst the words keep running in the background. A bit like a computer program, once i've set them running, they just keep going.

(you can find details of this canvas here)

Over time I've added phrases & refined words that suit the rhythms I like, and over the course of a long journey my focus may change. I visualise sparkly silver & gold light trailing along behind me, spreading out across the road... sometimes I spread rainbows across a bridge or I send light shooting off side roads or plant a healing vortex over a roundabout.

I might spend a while focussing on individuals cars or lorries, asking that they are touched by love in some way... or sending healing to 'someone who is ready to receive it'...  generally asking that hearts may be opened.... that seeds may be sown.

Sometimes I wind down the windows & sing 'Awen' out to the trees by the road. Awen is the Welsh word for inspiration, which the Druids see more as Divine inspiration... but Om, Shalom, Amen... they are all suitable... powerful words filled with primal energy...

(a commission that you can see in detail
& read about here)

 Last time I was on the road for a long journey, I found myself visualising exhaust fumes transmuting into rainbows... seeing sparkly rainbow trails flowing from other vehicles... just for a few minutes at a time. It's something that i will refine & add to over time, no doubt. 

If you try this, start simple though... a few words of loving intention go a long way & you need to keep your concentration on the road! After a while your initial 'set-up' becomes automatic & you'll probably find you naturally add to the repertoire, at least, this is how it has gone for me. 


julie said...

I am a great one for made up mantras too...One of my favorite is, "bless them, bless them, bless them.." It works when people cut me off, or are traveling too fast...and of course in greater areas of my life too...lol
I love that you visualize while your doing it...intent is so important.
I'm going to check more of your blog...enjoy the journey

Suzi Smith said...

thanks julie... yep, i do a fair bit of 'bless thems' too.. with a bit of luck it might be catching, lol

Tammie Lee said...

such lovely inspiration. nice to know you are out there blessing our world. thank you for your lovely message on my blog!

Laura said...

Oh Suzi I love this. Whenever I am in a doctor's office or any kind of medical facility (which is all too often) I do a similar thing: I offer metta blessings to everyone I see and everyone I can imagine in the building...I love the idea of just releasing blessing all along a road while traveling. Such a beautiful practice and offering of lovingkindness!