Sunday, 27 April 2014

Earth Day

She feels. She hurts. She screams.
we constantly scratch at her skin 
 grazes and wounds torn open
they sting. they smart.

How can we help?
with honour. with thanks.

Do we take too much?
 not the amount, the way.
no thanks. no care. no respect.

What can we do?
honour. prepare.
honour… anaesthetic
thankfulness…. salve.
 heal wounds willingly borne.

she feels. she hurts.
 conflicts… emotions
exaggerate pain.
your wars.
heal their pain…

Working near a yew tree, I was drawn to place my hands on the trunk… to connect. Almost immediately I felt a heartbeat…. strong, rhythmic, pulsing through my hands & into my own body. A physical feeling…. and then the words came.

 It's not the first time that I've received such a message. The sense that its not so much what we take from the earth, but the fact that it is done with no honouring or thanks. It doesn't matter whether priest or druid, shaman or witchdoctor… just someone who takes the time to prepare, offer prayer to Gaia, the one who provides. It wouldn't take much for companies to show some respect…. and then give thanks for what has been taken.

In the meantime, we must stand in…. we must make up for their lack of respect & gratitude. We must make the extra effort to compensate with honour & thankfulness to heal Gaia's wounds. Wounds caused by her sensitivity to our emotional torment as well as our physical activities. She will always feel everything we do. Our honour & respect will act as anaesthetic & painkillers…. our gratitude will act as antiseptic salve to heal.

The work we do in this respect will help, but we must also direct our healing efforts to the hearts of fellow humans who are traumatised, conflicted, in pain…. to war zones, to poverty zones, to disaster zones. We must step up & make this effort…. again & again until it becomes second nature to do so. Until our every breath is one of honour & gratitude. 

I didn't realise it was Earth Day until later that day


Tammie Lee said...

we must do all we can
and in every aspect of life
conscious caring behavior.
thank you for sharing.

Somerset Spa Girl said...

The personification of the tree is so interesting and effective! The trees really do feel as human as us sometimes, they're so important to this Earth!